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Varied Strategies

Brain-Based teaching through mastery learning, multiple intelligences, experiential, problem-based, and multi-sensory techniques.

Flexible Learning Environment

Multiple sensory seating options, comfortable classrooms, and therapeutic accommodations available to all students.

All Ages

Tutoring services for all elementary, middle, and high school aged students in major subject areas.

Supplementary Education

Complements and collaborates with skills and programs taught at the student’s school.

Life Skills

Support in organization, time management, and executive functioning while providing social skills and homework help.

Personal Growth

Fosters desire and enthusiasm for learning while promoting self-esteem


Using the highly effective Barton System we support students with dyslexia in one-on-one and group sessions

IEP Support

Navigate complex IEP challenges and understand the IEP processes with our support

Magnificent Minds Learning Center

Magnificent Minds believes in personalized, focused, and differentiated teaching. Through this process, our students develop the tools they need for ongoing success in academics, confidence, self-image. The Magnificent Minds team focuses on the achievement of every client. We are passionate about increasing each student’s learning abilities and preparing them for a productive future by applying state-of-the-art, brain-based learning strategies.
We take a unique approach to teaching that helps students connect with the subject matter they need to master. We provide innovative, effective, and high-quality tutoring to students of all abilities, K-12, through a personal and hands-on approach. Magnificent Minds maintains a total partnership through open communication with not only your family, but with the student’s school (as permitted and relevant) in order to keep everyone informed of the student’s individual successes and continued areas of need. download our brochure