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Magnificent Minds provides high quality tutoring services in a variety of content areas for grades Kindergarten through Twelfth. Our team strives to bring each student to the targeted academic level through brain-based learning strategies in an instructional program individually designed to meet the student’s needs. By using brain-based learning strategies, students will utilize their whole brain through the use of multiple teaching modalities optimized for their success.
Technology is used to support and enhance learning and teaching. By using technology during instruction, our tutors are better able to accelerate learning, increase student engagement, and improve motivation. This positive culture  is designed to enhance and support learning while providing opportunities for critical thinking and complex learning experiences.  Class sizes range from one on one sessions to a maximum of five students, promoting learning through greater individualized attention while providing cost-effective options for our clients.

Session Offerings

» Reading (K-12) Tutoring in reading may focus on Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary Development, and/or Comprehension
» Written Language (K-12)
» Handwriting
» Mathematics (K-8)
» Dyslexia Services

tutoring magnificent minds

Dyslexia Services

dyslexia tutoring services magnificent minds

Dyslexia services are an additional service run during normal Tutoring hours.

The Barton System is implemented by our highly qualified tutors at Magnificent Minds. Our tutors come from a background of teaching with a minimum of a Bachelor’s in Education. Those chosen to run small groups or one on one sessions utilizing the Barton System have extensive knowledge in systematic and explicit instruction while also being able to increase student opportunities for individual practice.

Magnificent Minds tutors are not your average “Barton tutors,” in fact, they are much more qualified due to their years of educational training, exposure to students of all abilities, and knowledge of learning disabilities.

Utilizing The Barton Reading and Spelling System, an Orton-Gillingham influenced multi-sensory program, the student will start at Level 1 and progress though Level 10. Levels focus on phonemic awareness, consonants and short vowels, closed syllables and units, syllable division and vowel teams, and much more. Magnificent Minds will be offering a similar approach as our other Tutoring service – both one on one sessions and group sessions!

Writing Matters provides research-based lessons aligned with Common Core that focuses on developing sentence skills in students of all ages. This structured writing program will also be offered in a one on one private tutoring environment as well as in small group sessions.