Rogues new patch


All the other abilities a dagger rogue needs to match a sword rogue in dps do have positional requirements. I didn't mean to imply that mutilate in and of itself does. Rogues and feral druids have had one very important change that wasn't announced in the recent patch notes for the 6.0 alpha build. Combo points, the bread and butter

Every week, WoW Insider brings you Encrypted Text for assassination, combat and subtlety rogues. Chase Christian will be your guide to the world of shadows The number of changes incoming for rogues in Patch 5.4 is that it would be a minor and short-lived problem for Mut and Sub rogues in the new patch.

Rogues in the new patch – Dugi Guides™ ® Official …

rogues new patch Rogue Mog Rateing Protrogue: 5. 32. Lórdciaran 2h, 22m DfA For PvE. Foodståmps: 18. 149. Desteria 2h, 23m highmaul coliseum Jo's Compendium of Mutilating: NEW N Rogue: Ambush no longer requires the Rogue to be behind the target. Rogue (Subtlety): Backstab can now be used on either side of the target, in addition to behind the

Rogue community: the thing that makes us OP is a combination of 130 energy and overkill, not mutilate damage. Ghostretard: Nah, we'll cut the balls off mutilate, lawl Good rogue spec with new patch? – posted in General Questions: What spec you rogues going with new talent tree? Like whats gonna be the new SS/Hemo spec gonna be now A quick Live run down on the Rogue changes in patch 4.2 from 4.1 including new Spec and Glyphing choices, and a demonstration. Hopefully this helped some

Post by cryptomeria Combat spec rogues might have a big aoe burst in new patch. If you cast blade flurry then fan of knives you'll see double damage to everyone you hit.

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