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Small Group Tutoring Sessions

What are the benefits of small group tutoring sessions?

  • Group Sessions offer savings over our already affordable one on one rates.
  • Sessions are designed to build students’ self-esteem.
  • Oral communication and social interaction skills are developed.
  • The learning environment promotes active, involved, and exploratory learning.A team approach to problem solving is used while maintaining individual accountability.
  • Students are able to explore alternate problem solutions in a safe environment.
  • Restricting group size to five students or less ensures that each client receives the individualized attention deserved while significantly reducing classroom and test anxiety.
  • Through collaborative learning, students develop and increase their leadership skills.


What small group sessions are offered?

  • To find out what small group sessions are currently running, please check our online calendar. Small group sessions require a minimum of 2 students and will max out at 4 to 5 students depending upon the type of session being offered.
  • A tutoring package rate of $225 applies to small group sessions and is paid up front. The fee covers a block of 8 one hour sessions. At the end of the 8 sessions clients will be billed for the next block of 8 sessions at the same rate.
  • Small group tutoring programs can be created upon request. We only require a minimum of 2 students registered for the program to run it. If you have a request for a small group program please send us an email at tutor@magnificentminds.org.