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What our Clients are Saying

     “I couldn’t be happier with the quality of tutoring my daughter has received from Magnificent Minds. In a little over a month of tutoring, she moved up one level in her reading groups at school. Her self confidence in her own ability to read has soared! Prior to coming to Magnificent Minds it was a struggle to get her to even attempt to read at home. Now she walks around the house trying to sound out and read everything she sees!
— Lynn
     “Before my daughter started, she didn’t know any multiplication. Within six hours of tutoring she mastered her zero, one, two, four, five and nine times tables! UNBELIEVABLE!
— Mike
     “As parents of a 1st grader, adjusting and preparing the foundation for academic excellence, we are grateful to find an organization that provides certified educational experts who understand the fundamentals needed for academic success. Did you ever think you’ll see the day your child runs and grab a book to read instead of wanting to watch T.V. or play video games? Try Magnificent Minds and become a witness. Story time at bed time is now fun time!!! Our 1st grader is ecstatic at being able to read (cover to cover) to Mommy and Daddy at bedtime :)”
— Senequa

Mrs. Rebecca has used the Barton Dyslexia program with my daughters for only 8 months and the improvement that they are showing is amazing. My oldest daughter (5th grade) has always been in the lower spelling groups, only having 5-10 spelling words and not getting many correct on tests. This year she has 25 spelling words and currently has an 88% in spelling. My youngest daughter (1st grade) was bringing home 0% on all her spelling tests, we ended up having to put her back in Kindergarten. This year she is back in 1st grade and receiving 100% on every spelling test. It’s amazing watching the confidence they have now. The struggle trying to get them to go to school each morning and doing homework at night is gone. Making the phone call to Lenae to have my daughters tested was the best decision, I wish I had made it sooner. Thank you Lenae and Mrs. Rebecca for helping and supporting my girls. MMLC is a wonderful tutoring center and my girls enjoy going!”
— Crystal